The Logistics of Mounting Pool Solar Panels

Deciding to incorporate a solar pool heater, panels, or other sustainable energy solutions into your outdoor recreation area is a great choice. Knowing where and how to mount solar panels for maximum energy generation is the next step in the process.                              

Customers we work with are often thrilled to find that they have many options when it comes to solar panel placement for a pool. Any position on a roof with sufficient sun exposure and adequate surface area to support the panel works for the mounting of the equipment.                               

Space near a pool pump that receives sufficient sunlight is also prime for the mounting of a solar panel. While solar collectors should ideally be southern-facing, positioning a panel 45 degrees east or west of this optimum placement won’t significantly hinder energy generation.                               

Those aiming to heat their pool in the winter will need solar panels tilted at a specific latitude or angle, with an additional 15 degrees factored in. Our customers in Florida will often find that mounting solar panels directly to a sloping roof provides the most satisfying results.