Re-roofing, also referred to as roof replacement, is a multi-step process that involves removing an old roofing system and replacing it with one that is completely new and updated to the current Florida building code. The first step of a re-roof is to conduct an initial roof inspection (free of charge!). Once we determine your roof is eligible for a re-roof and the job is approved, we’ll then move on to permitting and doing the actual work.

This involves removing the old roofing system and preparing the roof decking, which includes removing old nails, repairing damaged plywood/rafters, and applying quality underlayment for moisture protection as well as all your flashings and drip edge. Then we’ll schedule the first required inspection, the “dry-in.” After the “dry-in” inspection has passed, we will start the installation. Whether you are getting tile, shingle, or metal, all new vents and piping will be used. Once we conduct a final clean-up, your new roof in Cape Coral, FL will be ready for the required “final inspection.” Now wasn’t that EZ?