6 Common Uses Of Residential Solar Energy

The sun is the source of all life on this planet and solar energy highly benefits us in a variety of ways. The sun creates two primary kinds of energy which are heat and light which we can harness for various activities such as photosynthesis in plants, heating up food and water, creating electricity, and more. If you are wondering what are some common uses of residential solar energy, continue reading the following article to learn more about this alternative energy source.

Solar Electricity

This is one of the many solar energy applications that has since gained a lot of traction in recent years. As the costs of solar panels decline and an increasing number of people become aware of the environmental and financial benefits of solar energy, solar electricity has become more and more accessible. A very small percentage of electricity in the United States is still generated through solar panel systems but solar electricity is still growing rapidly. 

Solar Water Heating

Solar energy can also be used in water heating systems. Most solar water heating solutions create hot water for use internally at home. Water heaters that are powered by solar energy make use of a rooftop cell that absorbs the heat from the sun which is then transferred to the water tank. Solar water heaters often have a 5 to 10-year payback. Solar energy is also used to heat swimming pools especially in the southwestern and southern regions of the United States.

Solar Heating

Typical uses of solar space heating systems range from powering up radiant floors to heating up homes when paired with a forced hot air system. Passive solar home design is also used to heat up homes and businesses during the winter by considering the selection of building materials and the placement of windows.

Solar Ventilation

Solar ventilation systems can help to lower down the burden of HVAC systems as they help to cool down a building in summer. This is an ideal solution if you have the option to install a solar PV system that reduces the electricity usage of your whole house. For commercial and industrial uses, solar ventilation helps to preheat the air inside a building when the climate is cold to help cut down on energy costs.

Solar Lighting

Solar lights have become increasingly common and can be spotted almost everywhere from street lights to landscaping and road signs. These solar lighting solutions are inexpensive and easily accessible, offering simple to advanced designs from various platforms.

Portable Solar

In this digital age, almost everyone has at least one technological gadget like a cellphone or tablet. Let’s face it – our devices are always running low on battery and this could pose an issue whenever we are outdoors without a power source nearby. There are portable solar PV chargers that can keep powering up our gadgets regardless of our location. The technology has already existed for many years, integrating solar cells into our cellphones. There have also been efforts to incorporate water-resistant solar cells onto clothing to power our devices on the go.

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